Freelance marketing and web strategies.

Are you ever in the situation you need some graphics designed, It could just a logo design  or be more complicated. You might be needing  brochures, posters, ads or web sites created for something special and you don't have time to make it.

Then I might be your solution

I build and develop marketing strategies for businesses and individuals, custom-made to the buyer's specification.

·        media advertising - brochures, posters, publications
·        invitations
·        Book designs - you have the contents but need it compiled into a book.
·        web design and marketing strategies

I'll work with you to create a design for your specific needs.
I might just be the answer.

Contact me using the contact page is your best way of geting your information to me, or call, but I cannot guarantee I will be able to pick up.

free consultation?

call free 267 714 8267
email: info@sandsfreelance.com

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